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event B3

Event B3is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to organize a major international 3x3 basketball event on an annual basis.Event B3workin close collaboration with Canada Basketball and Basketball Quebec to contribute to the development of 3x3 basketball, for men and women,across Canada.


Therefore, in 2019,Event B3hosted two Conquest of Canada 3x3 events, Canadian 3x3 Basketball Tour. Montreal held a regional qualifying event, as well as the Canadian final, for both men and women. With these events, Event B3 positioned itself as a leader in the development of sport in Canada. 

Following the pandemic,Event B3confirmed its involvement in the development of 3x3 basketball in Canada. In collaboration with FIBA 3x3, Montreal was able to host a World Tour as well as a Women's Series in 2021. 

The next year,Event B3expands its playground and organizes a second event in Quebec! It is therefore 2 International tournaments sanctioned by FIBA 3x3 which are organized on North American territory in 2022. 

In its development momentum, 2023 will again be a challenge forEvent B3

DISTRIX BRAND ID_Distrix White.png


WHAT IS DISTRIX?Unique urban sports and cultural festival launched in 2019,DISTRIXhas reached new heights and now offers the community various components that bring together all aspects of the festival throughout the year.

From Basketball to Breaking in palearning through ESport,DISTRIXis constantly evolving. Driven by the needs of the urban community,DISTRIXorganizes and delivers several events during the yeare.

In constant search of new ideas and creative ways to offer great events, the teamDISTRIXstands out for its agility, its constant quest for excellence and its human aspect, offering value and inspiration to the community.


DISTRIX Basketball, it is brought thepracticing basketball at its very essence ! Coming from street practice, basketball is a sport accessible to all and carriesvalue of integration and self-transcendence

Develop andspotlight basketball 3x3is the goal of DISTRIX Basketball!

Community has the power to change the world.

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